Why I love this photo... Pt2


Now although this photo may not jump out at you as a magnificent capture it is still one of my favourite photos from Lauren & Shauns wedding day. It tells a story, maybe not to you, but to Stephen, the father of the bride. In this post I am going to try & tell a bit of the story behind the photo by adding some context & a few more photos, but to start with I want you to look at this image & try to work out what is going on. Create your own story & drop me a message in the comments section with your theory.

So, if you have ever been in a house while the bride/ bridesmaids/ mother of the bride etc... are getting ready you will know that it is usually a big fat mess! The house is like a bomb has struck & people are rushing around & getting all worked up. Sounds normal right? Well not here, everyone was relaxed & chilled, especially the father of the bride.

So relaxed that Stephen was 'chilling' in his office on his laptop.

So I spotted Stephen in his office on his laptop. After a few passes I realised he was typing up his speech. What a dude! This was the first shot I captured from outside the room. I shoot to leave stuff out on purpose. I knew he was on his laptop but if I had include it in the photo the story would have been done & I don't like that. I would rather leave stuff out so YOU have to think about what is going on. I talk about this on my Q&A page where I discuss what a perfect photo is in my opinion.

Below are the next two photos in this short three image 'photo story'... These two images complete the story & make it obvious to everyone but I still much prefer the much more elusive original image that leads you to wonder what is going on.

Now this is by no means any award winning 'story telling', but it is very honest to a little part of Lauren & Shauns day that no one saw but me. These are the little parts of the day that I want to capture. It is these little nuggets that everyone else missed that make your wedding photos into a story, a story that until you get your photos you didn't even know happened.

Wedding days are often a little overwhelming for everyone involved. Brides & Grooms often miss most of what is going on as they are bombarded with talk from their guests. My job is to show you the story of your day that you missed because you were having an amazing time (while I left you alone (yeh, that was a plug to all the couples that want a photographer who doesn't stage a load of funky shit on the day)).

If you have made it this far thank you for reading. Having people click on & read these blog posts means a lot. Right now I am focusing on creating more & more content like this for you lot so PLEASE comment, like & share this content if you enjoyed it. It encourages me to do more.