Siena Wedding

I took this quick grab shot last year whilst me & my wife (in the background) were on our travels around Italy. This shot was taken in the lovely Piazza del Campo, Siena. We traveled around Italy quite a bit & Siena was for sure one of my favourite places. Destination weddings is something I am yet to delve into but places like this make me want to shoot abroad desperately.

This was shot with my trusty Fuji x100s. The x100s is the ‘vintage’ looking camera that you can see me using in my profile profile pic of Facebook. The x100s is a small fixed lens camera which is perfect for travel, that is if you want to travel light & maintain amazing image quality. This is my personal camera but it is also one of the cameras that I use to shoot weddings. With a silent shutter & medium wide lens it is a great camera for documenting weddings too. 

If I had to recommend someone an all around camera it would for sure be a Fuji. The new x70 is another fixed lens camera like the x100 cameras but it doesn’t have a viewfinder. If that doesn’t bother you then it is a great little compact camera with a really sharp lens. If you want a viewfinder go for an x100 series camera (x100, x100s or x100t). You an pick them up used for a good price now too.

Some feel that shooting with a single lens is limiting. Maybe, sometimes, but usually not. I find it refreshing not having to think about what lens to use. When I want a shot I take it. If I need to zoom out I move back, if I need to zoom in I move forwards. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the x70 & x100 cameras also focus really close so if you are often taking ‘food porn’ shots they are both great for that too… See below…