I love the party

This is why I stay until 11pm. Why would I want to miss some of the mental shit that goes down between 8 and 11! Between 10 and 11pm is my favourite part of the wedding. I know I am going to get some killer shots. 

Throughout the day my shooting style is easy & laid back. I stay mingle with the guests, trying to not bother anyone, seeking out good opportunities. However when it comes to the party I change. A LOT

I have a clear vision of what I am looking for at this point. I want the party to get messy. I want your guests to come out of their shells. I want people to embarrass themselves and I want to catch it on camera. HAHA. 

I set my flashes up in the background & put a flash directly on the camera too. I use my Fuji x100s & get close. I will literally be in the mix of the party. I ofter persuade people to move into my frame by giving them a gentle nudge (sometimes a push) whilst looking thought the viewfinder for the perfect photo. When it comes to the party I love getting right in the middle of it. Its how I get my best shots.

This photo of my boy Benji is just one example of a dance floor shot. I like this photo not only because it was framed perfectly with the flash in the background but because it is also story telling. You see at this point Joy & Neil were busy talking to guests but just at the shots flowed so does the story of their day through the photos I take.