Q - Are you insured?

A - Yes I have full Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance. These documents can be provided if required.


Q - Do you do group shot? I don’t see many in your portfolio…

A - Yes I do but its not what I specialise in. I recommend keeping the groups small and not having too many as it will kill the flow to your day. My goal is to document your day and capture real moments that really happened. 


Q - How would you describe your style?

A - Natural, relaxed and right in the wedding. The first thing the guests notice about me at a wedding is that I am right there! I shoot with quiet camera’s with fairly wide lenses. This enables me to get really close to people and snap away without people feeling threatened. I mingle with your guests and blend into the crowd rather than standing back and use a zoom lens.


Q - What is your perfect photo?

A - When shooting documentary wedding photography there are many things to think about and try to balance into an image. A good image needs to be composed well, lit beautifully, contain interest and mystery. It needs to tell part of a story, but not the whole story. A good photo to me is one that tells a million different stories. In my opinion if you look at an image and ‘get’ it straight away it is a boring image. 


Q - Do you have back up cameras?

A - Yes, multiple. I aways have at least two cameras on me at any one time during critical parts of your day. If one camera was to fail I always have a second camera on me that can seamlessly take over immediately.


Q - How far will you travel?

A - I live in Birmingham and will travel 1 hour without any extra charge. If you are planning on getting married further afield let me know where and I will get back to you with a price with the travel included.


Q - Can we meet you first?

A - Yes of corse. I am a really casual person so my meetings are never too formal. I usually meet people at a coffee shop and have a run through your day, let people have a flick through some of my work and give you the opportunity to ask me any questions you have.


Q - Do we need to pay a deposit?

A - When I get an enquire about a date I ‘pencil’ people in. If you want that pencil to be made permanent I ask for a £300 deposit. The remainder of the balance can be paid at any time up until and including your wedding day.


Q - How quickly will we get our photos and how do we get them?

A - I edit and process all my photos myself. I provide you with a mixture of both colour and black and white images on a USB stick. I aim to get the stick to you within three weeks of your wedding day although I wont rush your photos. I want them to be the best they can be so if it takes a little longer please be patient.


Q - Do you do albums?

A - If you would like an album get in touch. I source any albums on a one by one basis as they are personal to the client. However I wont display my work in crappy albums and good albums are not cheap! Thats why I offer the glass photo boxes as a much cheaper option which is equally as nice.