My goal as a wedding photographer is to tell a story. From bridal prep through to the party I shoot, documenting as many little moments as possible. These moments all come together to tell the story of your day.

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Easter Details

I don't normally post too many detail shots online, I tend to share more 'people' photos. However here are a handful of shots from Carlie & Craig's wedding on Easter Sunday at Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire. Carlie's aunt put a lot of effort into all of the small details, dressing the whole day. From table plans to flowers she did it all & it turned out great! I don't have the time to type any more so here are the photos. Enjoy!

A new look....

Don't worry guys my style isn't changing but I have been playing around recently & have decided to change up my post processing a little to give a new fresh look.

I always process my images to give them an old film type look. Nothing to drastic & 'instagram'ey' but replicating the natural looking colours & tones that old films produce gives a nice look in my opinion.

I have also decide that from now on I will be adding film grain to all my online images to again give them the natural feel of film & a nice 'texture'.

Here is one image from Paula & Pauls wedding this Sunday just gone at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull. I am going to show a before & after so you can see the work that goes into ever photo to give them that little extra pop. Transformations like this make me excited to edit weddings!