Now this photo is an oldie. Shot at Kimberley & Callum's wedding at The Upper House in Stone a couple of summers ago. It's not perfect but I still love the feel of the photo. Yes I am pissed that I cut off Alex's hand, yes it should have been framed a little lower but for some reason it just works for me.

Now without giving Alex (in the glasses) too much credit he did make this photo. In the Ray-Ban's he looks the part. I could imagine this image blown up huge on a billboard advertising the glasses. It's a great 'candid' moment. Alex was walking towards me and clocked me the second the photo was taken. The connection with Alex makes the image. Without that reaction the image would not have had the character. 

In the background the Bride, Groom, Mother of the bride a groomsman & a bridesmaid hang out in the shade. I remember this day well. Obviously It was my first wedding so I was a little nervous leading up to it but once I got there I was chilled. I remember the weather. It was hot and it was sunny all day long. I came home with a tan from being out in the sun all day through to the evening. The Upper House is a great venue for a summer wedding, check out the gallery from Kim & Cal's day here.