All my packages include a consultation. That sounds really serious but it's not. I usually meet people at a coffee shop for a chat & to have a run through my work. This also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that haven't been answered in the Q&A. We will normally Skype/Facetime closer to the date & I encourage all my Brides & Grooms to keep in touch on Facebook or email... I like to know whats going on.

The Whole Day (2019/2020 - £1300)

If you want full coverage of your wedding day this is what I have to offer... I cover from Bridal Prep in the morning up until 11pm at night (up to 13 hours). This ensures I can document your whole day including the late night partying which is secretly (or maybe not now) my favourite part of the day.


Photo Boxes (+100 photos) - Now included with every booking

Although a lot of people like albums & photo books, for me they are not the best way to look at your images. Let me explain with a little context...

Nowadays we live in a loud social world... Social media has taught us to 'flick' or 'swipe' across images without even looking at them! We do the same with magazines too, we flick through the pages looking for things to catch our attention. This is one of the main reasons I prefer to look at photos one at a time. It forces us to actually take the story in. I love the idea that my clients will be sitting around in years to come passing photos around with relatives & friends. You can't beat a photo in your hand! In a book or online just don't come close to owning real photographs. Photo prints will get roughed up a little around the edges over the years but this is what makes them so special! Real photos show true character as they are passed around & passed down.

You get your box at the same time as your USB stick & I encourage you look through the real photos before you even consider plugging in the USB! Here below are an example of what the boxes will look like... This is my favourite way to present my final product & I would love for all my clients to have one.

If you have the time check out this blog post about these boxes too!


A USB stick will be included with all of you fully edited & corrected photos with all packages. Additional Photographic prints can also be purchased in any size after the day if required.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Not a problem...Get in touch 'here' & lets see what we can work out...