Shustoke Farm Barns


I love Shustoke! So much so that my wife & I got married there ourselves back in 2015.

If you have picked Shustoke Farm Barns as your wedding venue good choice! Its's a great relaxed venue. It looks like an amazing church if you have the ceremony there but without the terrible church lighting & the food is great ( you get loads so don't worry about any of your guests going hungry ). If you have got this far you probably don't need me to sell you SFB!

So... I decided that since I was shooting quite a few Shustoke weddings I would create a little home for SFB on my website... You found it, so take a click through some of the weddings below & get excited about your wedding! I allow extra space in my diary for SFB bookings but I am taking bookings 12-24 months in advance so if you like my style & are interested in booking me get in touch ASAP, even if it is to just 'pencil' you in my diary...


Thao & Rafael

Emily & Ryan

Carly & Andrew

Carrie & Ben

Aimee & Jason

Gemma & Ross

Laura & Rob

Tara & Daniel

Joy & Neil

Laura & Adam

Lauren & Shaun

Jen & Lee

(private gallery)