Everyones in a world of their own

I took this photo last year at Shustoke Farm Barns whilst shooting Joy & Neil’s wedding. I am posting this on a Sunday as when I look at this photo it reminds me of how I think Sundays ‘should’ feel.

I am no movie expert but does anyone else out there know what I mean by ‘a Sunday afternoon film’? Maybe I am loosing the plot but to me there is a Sunday feeling. Its nice to be chilled out on a Sunday afternoon. After a week at work it’s nice to not have anything to do. Just potter around, make some nice food & maybe watch a ‘Sunday afternoon film’. A chilled out film, nothing too intense, nothing you have to think too much about. A recent example would be ‘The intern’. Definitely not an Oscar Award winning film but just a nice film that you don’t have to think about too much & leaves you with a kind of warm feeling inside after watching it.

Yep, maybe I am loosing the plot. Anyway, this photo reminds me a little of that ‘Sunday afternoon feeling’. Almost like everyone is in a little world of their own, not a care in the world. Even though it is work tomorrow you can still have a nice time today! Watch a Sunday afternoon film & tag me!