Amazing candle lit reception

I don’t normally post these kind of photos but I thought that this room was so special that it deserved a bit of extra attention. 

The bride, Jane, is an avid ‘pinner’. Like seriously, this girl is a true creative & uses Pinterest to plan out her creative visions. I heard the staff at Hotel Du Vin say that ‘the room looked nice like this’ & I got the impression that it had never been laid out like this before, or tales they had never seen it like this before. This is what makes Pinterest so great. It is a great place to collate your ideas & then put them into practice. Pinterest is a Brides best friend, forget the ‘groom to be’, if your after creative brainstorming look no further than Pinterest.

Anyway I have promoted Pinterest enough now! Back to this reception room. With only 30 guests at the wedding on big long table was perfect & it really does look great. 

The lights were dimmed & the room was lit with candles all the way down the table… The light was low, pushing my camera to their limit but I love the grainy look anyway ;)

I have pressed these photos with a modified VSCO Ultramax 800 preset & lifted the shadows a fair bit to bring the exposure up. It really was dimly lit!

So whats the point of this blog post? I don’t really know, maybe just to share this amazing venue, maybe to give you a nudge to get on Pinterest. Whatever you take from this blog post I do encourage you to get on Pinterest & while your there give me a follow.