Document your life...

Random I know! This photo of my Mum's cat 'Mittens' is part of an ongoing 'shadows' project that I am doing. I am collating a series of images with shadows & reflections. Simple but hopefully when all the images are together they will be effective.

Pet photos have to be up there with selfies as the most popular images on social media. Why do we love photography our pets so much? Well apart from the fact that they look cute I think it has something to do with fact that they are oblivious to us photographing them. They simply don't know what you are doing so sit there happy, like perfect models. 

Why is it that nowadays we (humans) are not the same. You would think that by now we would be accustomed to having our photo take. It often seems like such a big deal. People are embarrassed or put off by having a photo taken of them. It's a shame, I feel that life should be documented with photos. When we are all old we should want to show the younger generations about our day. I know I want to. I want to document my life through photos. I want to be able to show my children & grandchildren what we looked like when we were younger & the things we did. Even the little things over the years will come together to make a great story.

With the development of small compact digital cameras (like the X camera's that Fujifilm are putting out) it has never been easier to get documenting. I mean come on, you have a camera on your phone right? The cameras on phones now are good too! Maybe not great in low light but they still take a photo. Get shooting, even the small things & save them in a dropbox folder or something. Start with photos of your pet. Experiment with lighting. Every year edit down the number of photos, keeping your favourite. Keep doing this & eventually you will have a great story to share. This is documentary photography, anyone can do it, why not?