Lake Garda, Italy

I am going to keep the text relatively short & simple for this post & encourage you to spend more time looking at these two landscapes that I took at Lake Garda with my Fuji x100s. Both are long exposures & shot with the camera on a small portable Joby Gorillapod to keep the camera still. The first night was clear, the second night was foggy... Which do you prefer?

Big hats at Lake Garda

I took this photo back in 2014 whilst me & my wife were on our honeymoon in Italy. We traveled between Milan, Lake Garda & Venice. The trip was great & the three locations make the perfect trio as they are all on the same train line. You can travel from Milan to Lake Garda on the train & then from Lake Garda to Venice from the same train station. We would highly recommend this trio if you fancy moving around & seeing a bit of what Italy has to offer.

Milan is a beautiful city. It rained a lot when we were there but that didn't stop us getting out. In fact if you are a reader of my blogs you may have seen the ‘man on the bike’ photo. This photo has to be one of my favourite captures & was made in the rain in Milan. So don’t let the weather stop you from getting out & shooting (if you want to).

Next on the trip was Lake Garda but ill move on for now & come back to where this photo was made later.

After Lake Garda we moved onto Venice which I loved. I think I shot more photos in Venice than in any other city. There is a lot to see & the narrow roads are really photogenic. The only downside being the number of tourists. Like me!

We actually camped in Lake Garda & it was great. My wife & I love camping & I can’t wait until we have our own little family so that we can all go camping together. We haven’t been camping now for a few years & the urge to go is getting at me a little lol. Lake Garda is huge. It’s so big there are even little ‘beaches’. Lake Garda is beautiful at night too. I took a few landscape shots while at Lake Garda that will be featuring soon on my blog so stay tuned for that.

This shot was taken at one of the small towns that butt up to the lake. We spent the afternoon & evening wondering round enjoying the food, trying to fit in with the locals. After a long day we sat down to shill on a bench for a bit & look out to the lake. Using my trusty Fuji x100s (of corse) I sat there taking a few shots of the locals as they walked by. This couple stood out to me. I find there is an elegance to this photo. Maybe it’s the hats. Or maybe its the amazing coastline on the other side of the lake. I love to think that these two ladies would never know that they are on my blog. Or that they are hung up on peoples walls in their homes. I like that we can't see their faces. I think it adds to the photo.





I know people like to have a good nosey on Facebook & I appreciate that some people want to know who I am before they even get in touch with me regarding shooting their wedding. I try to be as transparent as possible (hate that phrase but whatever) & encourage anyone to drop me a message via email or social media if you have any questions.

I also encourage a kind 'friend' relationship with my clients. I almost don't like calling people clients. It feels a bit impersonal to me. All my clients are added on my personal Facebook. Why? Because I want to have a nosey too lol. Seriously, when I shoot your wedding I want to know what you have been up to. I want to turn up and not feel like a foreign, strange person who you don't know. I also want you to be able to see that I am just a normal person, like you! Well maybe.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. This is a selfie of me & my wife shot with the x100s whilst on our travels last year. This was taken in the Großer Tiergarten which is a big park in Berlin. Berlin was a really great city to visit. Lots to do & lots to see. This trip was short. We flew to Berlin & then onto Budapest. Both are well worth a visit.


p.s. Becky is currently 34 weeks pregnant so I am sure you will be seeing more 'personal' blogs coming soon, including baby Smith.