My goal as a wedding photographer is to tell a story. From bridal prep through to the party I shoot, documenting as many little moments as possible. These moments all come together to tell the story of your day.

I usually deliver 300-500 photos per wedding. These make up the bigger picture, but for me that is not enough, I want to tell as many 'little stories' as I can. I am always on the look out for photos that work well together but at the same time I like photos on their own that tell you part of a story, leaving your imagination to build the rest.

This image above is for me a stand alone photo story. You cannot look at this photo without realising what is going on, but at the same time it leaves you wanting to see more. In this case I would rather show no more. As much as I believe being a successful storyteller is about creating a natural flow & giving people the sense that they understand exactly what is going on physically & emotionally I also think it's more fun to leave bits of the story hidden for you to make up on your own.

This blog post tactically makes complete sense to me. I will be delivering Grace & Matthew their photos tomorrow & I am sure seeing this photo will make them all the more excited. They are having a photobox too which is super exciting as I love them more than anything!



p.s. Stay tuned for the next photo! It follows on very well from this one....

Easter Details

I don't normally post too many detail shots online, I tend to share more 'people' photos. However here are a handful of shots from Carlie & Craig's wedding on Easter Sunday at Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire. Carlie's aunt put a lot of effort into all of the small details, dressing the whole day. From table plans to flowers she did it all & it turned out great! I don't have the time to type any more so here are the photos. Enjoy!

A new look....

Don't worry guys my style isn't changing but I have been playing around recently & have decided to change up my post processing a little to give a new fresh look.

I always process my images to give them an old film type look. Nothing to drastic & 'instagram'ey' but replicating the natural looking colours & tones that old films produce gives a nice look in my opinion.

I have also decide that from now on I will be adding film grain to all my online images to again give them the natural feel of film & a nice 'texture'.

Here is one image from Paula & Pauls wedding this Sunday just gone at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull. I am going to show a before & after so you can see the work that goes into ever photo to give them that little extra pop. Transformations like this make me excited to edit weddings!