I love the party

This is why I stay until 11pm. Why would I want to miss some of the mental shit that goes down between 8 and 11! Between 10 and 11pm is my favourite part of the wedding. I know I am going to get some killer shots. 

Throughout the day my shooting style is easy & laid back. I stay mingle with the guests, trying to not bother anyone, seeking out good opportunities. However when it comes to the party I change. A LOT

I have a clear vision of what I am looking for at this point. I want the party to get messy. I want your guests to come out of their shells. I want people to embarrass themselves and I want to catch it on camera. HAHA. 

I set my flashes up in the background & put a flash directly on the camera too. I use my Fuji x100s & get close. I will literally be in the mix of the party. I ofter persuade people to move into my frame by giving them a gentle nudge (sometimes a push) whilst looking thought the viewfinder for the perfect photo. When it comes to the party I love getting right in the middle of it. Its how I get my best shots.

This photo of my boy Benji is just one example of a dance floor shot. I like this photo not only because it was framed perfectly with the flash in the background but because it is also story telling. You see at this point Joy & Neil were busy talking to guests but just at the shots flowed so does the story of their day through the photos I take. 


Photoboxes are finally here!

I am really excited to be able to share this post. These photo boxes have been a long time coming but they are finally here! They arrived a few weeks ago from the USA & are literally amazing. I delivered my first box of the year to Jane & Mark a few weeks ago & the feedback so far is that they LOVE it. 

There is a choice of two finishes, Copper & Silver. Both are just as nice as each other. We have a more retro style house, a lot of wood, kind of mid century looking. I originally thought that we would want a Copper box in our house, but after taking photos of both the Copper & Silver boxes today I cant make my mind up. If I had to make a sweeping statement I would say if you like ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ & your homes decor reflects this go for the Copper. If your home is more modern maybe then Silver is more your thing. I don't know! Anyway you get my point, Copper & Silver…

Forget the weddi  ng album! Cute vintage photobox by Howard's Photo
Forget the weddi  ng album! Cute vintage photobox by Howard's Photo

For inside the box I select 100 of your best photos & have them printed at a local lab in Birmingham. I only choose the best photographic paper for prints & that's not just a sales pitch, the expensive papers really do make a difference. They are sharper and the colour reproduction is more accurate. Not only that but they will also last for a LONG time. High quality archivable paper like this should last for ever.

The photos are wrapped in hand dyed Silk Ribbon, tied by my wife (I really suck at it lol). The ribbon isn't just for looks either. It’s there for you to lift the photos out with.

I am really excited about this year of wedding’s, not only for the weddings but also because I can’t wait to make more of these photo boxes up. I already have clients that are almost as excited to receive their box as they are to actually have their wedding! 

I am charging £130 per box which in my opinion is really reasonable. I am not trying to make a big profit on these boxes. I would rather sell them cheap & have all my brides have a box in their home. Lets be honest now, these boxes are so cute, every guests that comes into your home is going to see these boxes & fall in love with them. So I don’t mind the free ‘publicity’ (wink wink).

Forget the weddi  ng album! Cute vintage photobox by Howard's Photo

I hope you have enjoyed reading & looking at these lovely boxes. I wish all my couples would have one. I am passionate about prints & this is the perfect way to keep prints. So much so that I have removed the photo albums off my prices page. I like albums too, but with the extra work I am going to be taking on soon (baby Smith) I just don’t have the time & they are just too expensive.



Now this photo is an oldie. Shot at Kimberley & Callum's wedding at The Upper House in Stone a couple of summers ago. It's not perfect but I still love the feel of the photo. Yes I am pissed that I cut off Alex's hand, yes it should have been framed a little lower but for some reason it just works for me.

Now without giving Alex (in the glasses) too much credit he did make this photo. In the Ray-Ban's he looks the part. I could imagine this image blown up huge on a billboard advertising the glasses. It's a great 'candid' moment. Alex was walking towards me and clocked me the second the photo was taken. The connection with Alex makes the image. Without that reaction the image would not have had the character. 

In the background the Bride, Groom, Mother of the bride a groomsman & a bridesmaid hang out in the shade. I remember this day well. Obviously It was my first wedding so I was a little nervous leading up to it but once I got there I was chilled. I remember the weather. It was hot and it was sunny all day long. I came home with a tan from being out in the sun all day through to the evening. The Upper House is a great venue for a summer wedding, check out the gallery from Kim & Cal's day here.